Inspirational Links and Resources

These are some of the resources that have inspired me, challenged me, expanded my perspectives, and fed my soul. They have enriched my spiritual journey. I share them here, with you, for your exploration, discovery, and reflection.  
I invite you to share the things that have inspired you on your journey! Send them to me at:
The Cathedral of Nature
Go outside! Mother Nature preaches some of the best sermons I've ever heard!
The Todo Institute
Promoting the skillful use of attention
Spirituality & Practice
Resources for spiritual journeys.
Promoting the value of greatfulness
Jesus Calling
On my nightstand. Daily meditations written as if Jesus is speaking to you.
An Altar in the World
How to be the priest of your own altar in the world
Living Buddha Living Christ
Promoting understanding between Christianity and Buddhism
The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet
A must read! A delightful introduction to Taoism.
Let Your Life Speak
Listening for your true vocation
A Hidden Wholeness
How to live an undivided life
Mindfulness in Plain English
Introduction to the practice of mindfulness and its benefits.
The Alchemist
A magical tale about a young man's journey in search of his dream.
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