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Meet Jane Motsinger

Providing support for your spiritual growth.




As a trained Spiritual Director, it would be my honor and sacred privilege to provide support for your spiritual growth through the practice of spiritual direction. I welcome seekers of all (or no) faith traditions and am accepting and affirming of LGBTQ persons. 


My own spiritual practice is grounded in the Christian faith tradition (Episcopalian), yet I choose “Interfaith” to describe my spiritual direction practice. I honor all traditions and practices, and I believe there are many pathways to God. 


I received my training in spiritual direction at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery's

School for Spiritual Direction in Pecos, NM, and at the Hesychia School for Spiritual Direction in Tucson, AZ. I am a member of Spiritual Directors International. I also hold a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX.


I spent twenty years in the non-profit world advocating for the homeless and affordable housing in our region. Being in ministry with the homeless inspired me every day and taught me much about the resilience of the human spirit. The most valuable lesson I learned is that it is impossible to "fix" another human being, and that to try and do so actually constitutes a form of violence against that person. I have come to believe that the soul - that Divine essence that resides in each of us - is the only "thing" that can "fix" a human being. Therefore, I believe the most important work each of us can do is to create a space where we can be quiet and listen for our soul's instruction - to hear the voice of the Divine within us, calling us to grow spiritually and become the people we were created to be. 


This revelation on my own life's journey led me to answer a call to become a spiritual director. My new ministry is to provide support for others as they seek to grow spiritually.

 I find joy in being present to others as they awaken to discover the loving presence of God in their lives and the beauty of their authentic selves.

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